Blum 4.1.0 – Small things are big things

Since the last time I wrote about Blum, a lot of things are changed.
This post is just a brief recap.


Thanks to a more clever way to manage tweets in the timeline and the switch from Picasso to Glide to load images, the amount of RAM used is dropped by about 50%. This was a problem for older devices.

I’ve completely redesigned the database, that now uses less space and is a bit faster thanks to some optimizations in the queries.

Open a user profile from one of his/her tweets is a lot faster too.


The only big change here is the user profile Activity, that I hated with all my heart. It was ugly. The positions of the buttons were wrong. It was unpleasant to watch and unpleasant to use. So I’ve totally rewritten it, with the same info and a couple of new ones: you can now see if the profile is verified, and you can scroll all of the user tweets in the same user activity. Also, if the user doesn’t have a background image, instead of that ugly grey placeholder you will see one with the color of your current theme.


I’m also using Snackbars instead of Toasts to notify the user when a tweet is retweeted and stuff like that, and I’ve colored in a better way the favorite/retweet icon when the tweet is fav/retweeted by the user, as you can see here:


Another completely rewritten part is the ImageActivity. Now it has a toolbar that auto-hides itself, and, more important, if you open an Image from a tweet with more than one picture, you don’t need to open them one by one anymore:


Lastly, I’ve added a green theme.


New Features
You can now watch gifs and videos on Blum. Since twitter stores both videos and gifs as mp4 files, displaying them in a RecyclerView needs a bit of work. For now, you have to open a new Activity to watch them.


What’s next

I’m already working on the ability to edit the user profile (name, screenname, description, location etc…), and a better icon will come, too (thanks to Stefano).

I don’t see major changes in a near future.
Blum already does the 100% of what I want from a twitter client.

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