Blum 4.5 – Ads and more

It’s been a while since my last post. So here’s what’s new in the latest version of Blum (4.5.2).


So here’s the big, bad news: I put ads in Blum. Just one banner but in the home activity. But hey you can remove them! By paying some money or by tweet something about Blum.

Why, you ask? Because honestly I don’t have tons of time lately. I’ve been working a lot on this project and I’d love to be able to work more on it. But as is now, it’s just a real waste of time and energy.

I need to find a way to be able to spend 5 hours on a sunday night coding for Blum without feeling bad because I could have used that time to do something more useful.

So here’s the deal: you give me a reason to continue to work on Blum, and I will continue to add new things to my twitter client.

BTW, even if I’ll earn 0.10 €/month, I won’t stop supporting it. At least bug fixes will continue to come.


New things
There are just a couple of things to mention other than a lot of little improvements here and there since my last post:

  • Suggestions: now if you’re writing a tweet and you start typing a username (@…), Blum will suggests which user to mention.
  • Hearts. Yeah.
  • No more media links on tweets.
  • New, default FAB animation and the ability to make it fixed. Oh and we’re on internet so, here’s a gif


And that’s it.
See you next time.


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