Expense updated

Some days ago I updated my Expense app for Sailfish OS.


  1. Now you can remove categories
  2. Added support for €,$ and £
  3. Added month expenses page
  4. Bug fix 
  5. Added contacts page
  6. Support for DE and IT languages
  7. New Cover

The cool thing  (from my google+ post):

“Today someone wrote  me on facebook (well today I discover that a week ago someone wrote me on facebook…really why people still use facebook…) about my Jolla application expense . He asked me 3 missing features and told me than my app on harbour (I still don’t have a sailfishos device) has 500+ downloads.

That app is so stupid, it takes me maybe one week to build it. I spent 4 months working on Twitter Quotes for android   and I get 1/5 of the downloads and NOBODY asked me something about that.

I got maybe 1 € with Twitter Quotes with ads. I should probably make only free apps for jolla and ubuntu . At least someone says “hey, good job”.”


So that’s it. As always the code is on my github.