Google removed Merisi from Google Play

I spent my last week working on Merisi:

  • I moved from wallbase to wallhaven, since wallbase is no longer active
  • I removed the ActionBar and I’m now using a toolbar instead
  • I’m now using material icons
  • I changed completely the UI, with new colors, new tabs, a better way to view the wallpapers, more info about wallpapers, new animations…
  • I’ve added a search Activity

Google removed Merisi 5 minutes after the publication due to “Violation of the intellectual property and impersonation or deceptive behavior provisions of the Content Policy.”
And honestly, I don’t know why. It’s also funny that a company that earns billions of dollars and makes awesome products (I think I use 90% of the products Google offers) is not capable of telling me what is wrong with my application.

Obviously, I asked for a re-check of the application since, as I said to google, there are a lot of applications on the store with a similar purpose, so why Merisi is not ok?  Wally takes the wallpapers from the same place. It has hundred of thousands of downloads and it’s still on Google Play. Merisi had 104 downloads. They rejected my request.

I didn’t create Merisi to reach 50 000 downloads. I know it’s not a great application. Wally is (10³)³ times better than  Merisi and offers similar functions. I didn’t add ads in it. I just wanted to show what can I do on Android, since I’m searching for an Internship.

These are the screenshots I put on the description of Merisi and the icon. If you think you know why Google removed my app, please, let me know.








UPDATE: Google removed also my other application  and this time it’s my fault. So, I’m no longer an Android Developer.