Just another Twitter Client

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So I developed a Twitter Client, and I called it Blum. Well, I called it Blu but I’ve found out that there’s a Windows Twitter Client with that name – I think it’s abandoned but still – so I changed it. (I’ve discovered this app after taking the screenshots, so the name in them is wrong).
This is the biggest Android application I’ve ever build. It covers a lot of stuff: UI design tweaks, databases, interaction with API, services etc. I’m not even close to other clients out there, so if someone will download Blum, I’ll continue working on it. There are tons of things still missing, one for all, direct messages.


Not too much to say here, just the main activity.


Finally I was able to find a way to implement the “parallax effect”.


I really hate this activity. Please suggest me where to place these horrible two buttons.

As I say, this is still the beginning. I hope someone will actually use it, and I also hope Google won’t shut this down again. I’m releasing it today as a Beta, it’s free and ads free so check it out and let me know.

Oh, I’m absolutely sure you’ll find tons of bugs. Please report them here or with the feedback service inside the app. I’d also appreciate other suggestions about features, designs and all you want.

Get it on Google Play