Keep Focused 3.0

What’s new

  1. Gameplay: the speed is not settable anymore. It upgrades gradually while you’re playing, so the game becomes more difficult.
  2. UX: I changed the way the user starts a new game. No more dialogs, just a TextView that explains what to do, youjust have to press one of the color buttons to start a new game. Simple and polite.
  3. Google Play Games: Keep Focused now support Google Play Games!! That means now you’re able to see who are the best focused players out there, and who of your friends is the best!
  4. Theme Support: this is my favourite thing.  I love colors, I love change colors, I change my wallpaper everyday. So I added themes support to Keep Focused. Yes. You can choose which color do you like more. Some examples?

tumblr_nbg6yvMH4i1si7mono1_1280 tumblr_nbg6yvMH4i1si7mono2_1280 tumblr_nbg6yvMH4i1si7mono3_1280 tumblr_nbg6yvMH4i1si7mono4_1280 tumblr_nbg6yvMH4i1si7mono5_1280


What’s next

I think the work on this app is finished. This is just a stupid game I used to explore some new things I can do on Android. I can’t see anything to improve the app right now, but you’re free to let me know what’s your ideas about it.

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