MagicCounter published

I’ve just published my first app to the ubuntu store!!

It’s a simple utility app to help you play magic the gathering.
Here’s some screenshots:


I used 4 tabs: Life Counter, Players, Settings and About.

LifeCounter is the main tab, here you find:

  • the players names and score;
  • the time of the round;
  • The history of the game, that means the round winner and the score;

In the LifeCounter tab you can choose your playername and your opponent name,

Players tab was created to manage the players you have saved, with the numbers of wins and loses for each one.
Here you can delete one or all players and add new ones.

In Settings you can redefine the duration of the round, what happens when you reach the duration, what colour you prefer for the score indicator and what’s the default player.

Here’s the code

I don’t have a smartphone with ubuntu touch so, if something doesn’t works, please let me know.
So for now that’s all, this is a kind of experiment for me to see how to publish an application, maybe I’ll try something more interesting in the future 😉