I love wallpapers and I love to change my background either on my phone and on my computer. I currently have a folder in my Dropbox account with more than a hundred of wallpapers that I’ve collected over the last years.
However, on Android it’s a bit difficult to manage all these images. I want an application that let’s you see all your wallpapers, easily change your home screen background and easily add some new picture to your collection. Also, would be cool if this application could also change your background every X hours.
So I developed it, and I called it Merisi (the name is a not-so-funny long story).

August_11__2014_at_0308AM (1)_framed


In the gallery tab, you can see all wallpapers you have. You can add another one from your phone, or from your dropbox or whatever you want. The cool thing is that the application creates a folder on your phone, so you can add a picture to your collection without even open Merisi, and you can see your wallpapers in your gallery app too.

I also put a “set a random background” button, because sometimes I just want to change, and it’s difficult to choose through all my wallpapers. I like all of them!



As I said, Merisi can change your home screen background  every X hours. Wallpapers are randomly chosen from your collection.



In the last tab you can bring new wallpapers from wallbase, that is the best choice for this kind of contents. It’s the part that will receive more improvements in the future. For a lot of reasons, I’m using the entire wallpapers and not the thumbnails. This will change in the future.




Obviously, this is just an initial release. There’s a lot of work to do to make this app a great application, but I’m satisfied with the work I’ve done so far.
So try it now, it’s free on Google Play!

Get it on Google Play