My First Android Application

Ok, I’m finally here. I created my first Android App. 😀

This is not the coolest app, but it’s mine, and it’s available on playstore, and in Yandex store too  (I’m a fan of However, I’ll publish it just to say “Hey, I have an app on Google Play Store!”:  I consider this application just an exercise for me. I don’t think I’ll spend a lot of time working on this stuff.

A special thanks to Stefano Rossi for his valuable help.

The application

The app is a very simple questions game. That’s all but I had to start somewhere.

This is the Activity where you answer the questions. I stole the white google-now-like images from somewhere.


If you’re good enough, you’ll see a box like this 😀


And this is what you get if you’re very good! (ahahah -.-)


The first activity is the thing I like less, here you simply choose a set of questions…


And that’s all. If you want to see the code, it’s on github.

If you have a suggestions, feel free to contact me.