Tweet Roulette 0.2

NB: if you don’t know what I’m talking about, please take a look here!

We’ve just released Tweet Roulette v0.2!
Here’s the changelog:

  • Refined Tweet Now area
  • Add share button to quotes and user tweets
  • Changed quotes
  • Changed authors background
  • Changed Programmed and User tweets Background
  • Toast to instantly notify send tweet button pressed



As you can see, we removed the gradient background, because we need some time to make the right choice. We also added these white-google-now-like cards as background for the names of films, for the quotes, for the user database etc. We hope you enjoy them.

However, the main feature of this new release is the share button. As you can see in the third image, in every quote box there’s a share button, and there’s one also in every tweet in the user database. Now, you can share the quote with every app you have that support this feature. That means that you can share a Fight Club’s quote also on Facebook, Tumblr, Google+ or send it with WhatsApp, Hangout, SMS or copy in the clipdoard, or trasform the phrase in a Google Keep note 🙂


We also decided, starting next week, to update the database with at least 50 new quotes every 2 weeks. Stay tuned.

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