Tweet Roulette – Now we’re talking

Today we’ve released the third upgrade of Tweet Roulette which comes with a lot of new improvements.

User Experience
We now support login from inside the application. The user no longer needs to open a browser, which makes the app more immediate.
We removed the user personal database. This was a great feature, but not for this application. This application wants to be just a great tool to tweet without really using Twitter :D.
The categories are now shown as fragments, so the navigation drawer works well with them. We’ve also added a beautiful animation that can be seen when switching from one category to another.
We now provide a great calendar: users can go directly to dates that contains tweets in a really beautiful way, thanks to the amazing Caldroid library.
By clicking on his/her profile picture, users can jump straight into the official twitter app to see published tweets.
We’ve also added a wikipedia button to have information about the source of the quotes 😉

Images talk better than words:

Screenshot_2014-03-26-22-21-56_Nkxnexus420140326_222439 Screenshot_2014-03-26-22-22-54_jcDnexus420140326_222617 Screenshot_2014-03-26-23-07-27_Hyenexus420140326_230755

We added two new categories: funny and superheroes.
We’ve also fixed some names to be sure that the links to wikipedia works.

So, what’s next? I don’t know.
For now, download it, try it, and let me know what do you think about it 😉

Get it on Google Play