Ubuntu 14.04 – My Thoughts

I spent almost a year using Precise. Last week I installed trusty beta, and I’m very impressed about how much Ubuntu is improved in so many different ways.

The first thing I noticed was the Antialiased windows. They’re just amazing. I’ve never kept the default theme, I used Numix for a lot of months but now I think I’ll stay with the default Ambiance theme for a looong time. It’s so cool.
Finally, a beatiful unity-style lockscreen is arrived, it’s good looking and works as expected, not much to say.
The live window resizing is also a good thing, but I also liked the old way to resize so this doesn’t make any difference to me.
On the other side, two things now looks worse, at least on my machine:

  1. Spotify: the icon is too large and looks bad on my top panel.
  2. Boot: I still can’t get a boot animation without text or strange screen effects.

However, I can live with this two issues.

I’m a big fan of keyboard shortcuts, they are maybe the main reason why I use Unity. I didn’t see new feature from this side, but 3 improvements:

  1. ALT+TAB: it’s now possible to use also mouse and  arrows to move through the open application. Cool.
  2. SUPER + S: the cursor can indicate which workspace to choose. Smarter.
  3. SUPER + W: the animation is more immediate and applications can be closed here. You can also search by name through the open programs. Personally, I didn’t use this feature a lot but with this new improvements I should give it a try. Faster and more useful.

I didn’t find smart scopes very useful, except for the Google Drive one. I use it a lot cause I’ve some Google Documents and works very well.

It’s faster. 😀

Ubuntu One
This is sad. I can understand why Canonical choosed to quit this service but I used it as my main cloud storage solution and now I need to find something new, as well integrated as UbuntuOne, and this seems to be hard.

Faster, more beautiful, with new pretty cool features, Ubuntu 14.04 is the best version of Ubuntu I’ve ever tried. And it’s still a beta.