What’s new in Blum 0.3.13

Twitter4J 4.0.4
Twitter4J 4.0.4 has been released with some really cool new features, a couple of which are already included in this new version of Blum:

  1. Support for quoted tweets. Using the previous versions of the library, I had to manually check every link in every tweet to see if it was a twitter status link, get this status and then update the view which contains the quoted tweet. This operation caused a really ugly effect because I couldn’t guess the size of the quoted tweet, so while scrolling your timeline you could have seen some resize in the cardview while the quoted tweet was loading. This ends now, Twitter4J 4.0.4 includes quoted tweets in every Status, so the content of the cardview is loaded all in one time.
  2. Removed limit for DMs. As you may have heard, starting this July, you no longer need to limit the size of direct messages.

Android Design Support Library
Google has released this awesome library back in the end of May. I’m starting using it in Blum, which means a couple of things:

  1. FAB is now the “official” fab and it’s no more a custom implementation.
  2. In all the activities with tabs, the toolbar is now hidden while scrolling down.

On the downside, using this library the APK size it’s grown a little, but it’s still under 2 MB.

StreamService works again. Yeee 😀
In addition, you can now turn it off and on without having to restart the application.
This is really usefull, because if you are at home, under wifi and maybe you don’t care about the battery that much, the StreamService makes Blum really better.

Other stuff 
Of course this update also includes a lot of bug fixes 😀

What’s next 
Blum 0.3.14 will be focused on performance. Blum does not have a performance problem, it runs really fast on my Nexus4, but I have already spotted a couple of things to work on and since I don’t plan to build a client with thousand of features, I want to make it really fast and really light even on crappy Samsung devices.

Blum 0.3.15 will be focused on design. I know I can’t really say that Blum has material design just because it has a FAB. I want to implement animation and this kind of stuff. Also, I plan to completely rethink the user activity, which is the part of Blum I like the least. I could also include a green theme. Just because I can.

Do I plan to make some money from all this work?
Short anwer: no.
Long answer: I’d like and I’d need it but, honestly, I don’t see how. Would somebody pay for this app when he could pay for another client which offers a lot more? I don’t think so. I could include ads, and maybe an option to remove them for, I don’t know, 0.50$, or maybe a donation option. We’ll see.
In the meantime, I’ll continue developing this app. I just love to work on this project, even if the only income I’ve had so far have been a couple of positive feedback from some users.

So, I think that’s it. See you the next time 😉

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